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The Supreme Court Versus Democracy: Moore v. Harper, an Assault on Democratic Rights

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Saddlestitched, 34 pages


Published December 2022


ISBN: 978-0-9962465-3-8



Also available in KINDLE EDITION, $2.99. Kindle version:

With the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the right wing of the ruling class succeeded in extinguishing a basic right for women and for all those who need access to abortion. This is triggering a larger effort to reverse civil rights, voting rights, the rights that were achieved by the African American people’s struggle, workers’ rights, marriage equality—and virtually any rights possessed by working and oppressed people.

As the Supreme Court takes up the Moore v. Harper case that has the potential to effectively end "one person, one vote" and hugely intensify the racist rigging of Congressional District maps to nullify Black voters, what will it mean for key democratic rights and the outcome of the 2024 presidential election?

From The Supreme Court Versus Democracy

 “We have entered a new political period in the domestic struggle. This will be an epoch-shaping battle. It will be a test for the genuinely progressive movement.

 “Like the slaveholders who launched a civil war in spite of their capture of the federal system just a few years prior, the right wing of the ruling class in the modern day has decided that the form of government must be radically shifted, despite their current strength within it. Their movement will be wrapped in the form of Constitutional “originalism,” but its content is to overturn the democratic gains made by the people’s movements in the last century.”

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