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Divide and Ruin: The West's Imperial Strategy in an Age of Crisis

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Paperback, 146 pages


Published December 2013


ISBN: 978-0-9910303-0-9


Library of Congress Control Number: 2013954053

Divide and Ruin: The West’s Imperial Strategy in an Age of Crisis is a collection of articles by British author Dan Glazebrook. Originally published in The Guardian, Morning Star, Counterpunch, Z Magazine and Asia Times, Glazebrook has assembled these writings to illustrate a new strategy by U.S., British and other imperialist powers. This new strategy employs proxy military forces to achieve regime change in any country that resists imperialism.

Glazebrook shows the brutality of the West’s racist and exploitative foreign policy against the global South, citing examples from Libya, Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. He explores in detail the role of AFRICOM as an imperialist force operating on that continent. Economic and social issues in Britain also come under scrutiny, plus the role of the media and social movements there.  

Divide and Ruin argues for new counterweights to the Empire’s plunder in a winning appeal to reason and humanity.

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