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Democracy and Class Society

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Perfect bound, 121 pages


Published, Summer 2008
This publication features analysis and is designed to provide much-needed clarity on what is and what is not at stake in the bourgeois elections.

Table of Contents

I. Workers vs. bosses: democracy and class society

II. Democracy for the Ruling Class 
  • Ideology and economics in class society 
  • Democracy in pre-class societies 
  • Ancient Greece and Rome: democracy for the few 
  • How the French Revolution was won 

III. Democracy and U.S. Imperialism 
  • The class character of the U.S. Constitution 
  • The Supreme Court: ruling class's last line of defense 
  • Supreme Court, education and racism, 1974-present 
  • A legacy of racism: disenfranchising Black voters 
  • Why can't I vote? 
  • Unions and the struggle for democratic rights 
  • Defending democratic rights 
  • Propaganda and class rule 
  • The U.S. war machine and capitalist democracy

IV. Democracy for the working class 
  • Democracy on the job? Not under capitalism 
  • Workers' democracy in Cuba

V. En espanol: Trabajadores contra capitalistas: la democracia y la sociedad de clases

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