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China: Revolution and Counterrevolution

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This publication features analysis of the Chinese Revolution, the present Chinese economy, the trend towards capitalist restoration and how socialists inside the United States can lend their support to the people of China. "China: revolution and counterrevolution" is a unique contribution to the left, using a Marxist analysis to identify political and social trends in China 30 years after the introduction of capitalist market reforms.

Table of Contents

I. Overview: What do socialists defend in China today?

II. China today

  • Capitalism and socialism in China
  • Is China's foreign policy of appeasement sustainable?
  • Independent development vs. imperialist domination
  • Behind U.S. smears against China
  • Tibet, imperialism, and self-determination 
  • Tiananmen Square and the threat of counterrevolution

III. China and socialism

  • Lenin and the NEP: Can market methods build socialism?
  • China's 'socialist market economy'
  • An appeal from within the CPC: 'Precarious is China's socialism!'

IV. China's revolutionary legacy

  • The Red Army: a new kind of military
  • The contributions of Mao Zedong
  • The Sino-Soviet split
  • Phases of China's socialist revolution

V. En espanol: Que es lo que defendemos en China de hoy?

Appendix: PSL Resolution on China

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