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Breaking the Chains (Vol. 2, No. 2): No Borders in the Women's Liberation Struggle (Kindle only)

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Magazine, 40 pages, saddle-stitched


Published May 2017


ISSN 2473-6171


Vol. 2, No. 2


Kindle version:

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The Trump agenda constitutes an all out attack on the working class with an unrelenting attack against immigrant workers front and center. Every legislative and executive assault from the Trump administration has been met with resistance and solidarity from people from all backgrounds. Immigration and the struggle of undocumented workers is a feminist issue because women are immigrant workers and experience particular forms of oppression and exploitation as women. The liberation of women is integrally tied to the liberation of the working class as a whole, through socialist revolution. This issue dissects how modern capitalism enables women’s oppression and the exploitation of immigrant workers and explores how immigration is central to monopoly capitalism. We also address head on how LGBTQ rights are tied to immigrant rights in an interview with Jennicet Gutierrez, Mexican transgender activist. We examine the resistance against attacks on immigrant rights on an individual, national, and international level and call to build an organized, militant front. Featured in this issue:

  • A Marxist analysis of capitalism, immigration, and how both affect women’s lives
  • A historical piece focusing on the lessons learned from the 2006 immigrant rights movement
  • Biography of Emma Tenayuca
  • An article on how imperialism created the refugee crisis and only international solidarity can end the crisis
  • Art from Maya Gonzalez

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